Pamela_ and her sons

Golden Paradise

  • TB011
  • Cassette of the Month November 2018
  • Release Date: September 26th 2018
  • $9.99

Pamela_and Her Son's tape released on Atlanta based label, Truly Bald.

Pamela_and her sons aka Carbon Anderson, erects walls of electronic sounds that are sweetly inviting, yet sinisterly looming. Carbon layers eerie pitch shifted vocals with an amalgam of resonant, atmospheric modulations. Strobing in and out of tonal comfort zones, they create a tension in their music, a pleasurable discomfort, akin to blood rushing back into numb skin.

Golden Paradise is a dusty hallucination, similar to standing amidst an unfamiliar, sterile room and being soaked with a mass of déjà vu. It is a desperate excavation of lingering romance within the creaky floorboards of an estranged home.

Featured in: Cassettes, Tiffany Albums Of The Year 2018