Pere Ubu

The Modern Dance

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  • CD
  • Release Date: January 1st 2013
  • $16.99

Pere Ubu's mighty debut recorded back in 1977 and originally released on blank records in '78 in America and on Mercury (and later Rough Trade) in the UK. It is hard to believe that such noises could come from so deep in America's heartland, played by a group named after a french absurdist play. The debut album by Pere Ubu, The Modern Dance' is the realization of group leader David Thomas's (aka crocus behemoth) high-concept vision of a rock band whose sound was always just on the verge of falling apart. Avant garde and not terribly accessible, the album's noisy anarchy was a tonic for punks and intellectuals sick of the bloated, corporate sound that passed for commercial rock at the time. it became a major influence on the leading alternative bands of the following decade, including the Pixies and Husker Du.