Sprtlzm / Scifi

  • PESS 001
  • Release Date: May 20th 2019
  • $15.99

Pessimist comes in from the dark with two dreadnoughts on his freshly-minted, self-titled label

The first proper follow-up to his ‘Pessimist’ album follows down dank alleys of crushing breakbeats and fetid drones in both parts. Think Rob D meets The Underdog in an abandoned warehouse kinda vibes.

A-side, he rolls out rugged and scowling drones for a proper into-the-‘00s feel on ’SPRTLZM’, before the B-side reinforces that aesthetic with a more gutted sound design, leaving ghostly traces of breaks mired in treacly subbass pressure, waiting for a DJ to blend in on the offbeat...