In Rainbows

  • XL324-2
  • Release Date: December 29th 2011
  • $15.99

With In Rainbows Radiohead may well have created their own Physical Graffiti.

Drawn from over 10 years of sketches, outtakes and live renditions that finally get nailed, it's a veritable summation of everything you love about them - from rhythmically challenging jazz funk prog to droning repetitive exhumations of the socio-political conscience (rock 'n' roll). It's the true heir to Ok Computer.Beginning with some of that familiar warp-inspired glitchiness, opener, 15 step's children's voices and odd-meter clapping is astoundingly uplifting. Bodysnatchers is the kind of crunchy guitar rock that we'd all given up hope that they'd ever record again and Weird Fishes / Arpeggi takes Johnny Greenwood'sorchestral piece and turns it into a chiming thing of post-rock wonder.