Random Gods

Genezon.avi EP

  • DN 007EP
  • 12
  • Release Date: June 17th 2016
  • $5.00 $3.75

"Through three original projections and a crankier, schizoid Vaghe Stelle remix, that world takes shape as a series of amorphous techno rituals encompassing blunted traces of worldly rhythm and iridescent tonal scales, melting from the layered groove and swirling ambience of Malsano into a quagmire of molten bass and beatdown groove emitting choral electro-acoustic fumes with Jabuka, and a toiling, miasmic piece of dread dubstep and folk melody recalling Gantz productions in Milito. That last piece is given to Vaghe Stelle for remix, returning as a labyrinthine arrangement of triplet techno, hiccuping synth voices and knackered drill trills anchored in head-swallowing darkside bass."

Featured in: Summer Sale 2019