• Release Date: July 6th 2018
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The first full-length release from Rizzla, Adepta marks an adjustment to their position within and without ‘the club,’ am overwhelming desire to share stories that cannot be politely articulated, the chronicle of a gradual process of personal apocalypse. Holding one’s breath in a room full of toxic air. The exquisite loneliness of a rural sunset. Adepta explores rage, loss and reconciliation, made during a period of rewilding and recovery. Adepta’s rhythmic execution and tempo fluctuates wildly, hysteric and rootless club tools alongside fractures of vocal dance music. Structurally, Adepta formalizes Rizzla’s practice as a DJ and remixer, drawing on a collage of samples designed to simultaneously welcome and disorient the listener, geographically and temporally. Haunted by encounters with fundamentalism and a eroticized anarchy, the 11 track album amplifies the personal anxiety of losing one’s self and culture with the exhilaration of liberatory self-immolation. After a youth spent omnivorously consuming a wide variety of American club cultures, Rizzla studied music and history in Trinidad where they became obsessed with the sonics of counterculture and the musical language of resistance. Alongside longtime collaborator D’hana Perry, they founded the KUNQ collective, a growing alliance of queer artists working in music and visual media. They previously released Iron Cages and have been affiliated with Kingdom’s Fade To Mind label since its inception. After relocating to Brooklyn, Rizzla served some time in New York’s alternative club scene. With a discography composed of both self and official releases, Rizzla continues to blend DIY aesthetics with pop-influenced productions, taking influence from both the transcendent and the horrific qualities of our times.

LP - Printed sleeve with 3mm spine includes Download.

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