Royal Brat


  • MNKR 037 MC
  • Rough Trade Cassette of the Month March 2018
  • Release Date: February 23rd 2018
  • $9.99

Rough Trade Cassette of the Month, March 2018

Also available on LP.

Royal Brat are a queer punk band from Minneapolis, sharing catchy meditations on empowerment, survival through trauma, accountability, and other important topics for artistic communities. Despite sharing only a demo cassette prior to their debut LP Eyesore, though they’ve toured the US extensively, the Minneapolis four-piece have carved out a home for themselves in punk’s diverse community of emerging voices. The band’s insightful, prescient lyrics, combined with crunchy riffs and melodic guitar work, makes a good case for being one of 2018’s most incisive and important bands. Royal Brat sound urgent. Vocalist ALEX UHRICH delivers poignant musings on queer and femme empowerment, the trials of gender dysmorphia and inequality, and the pains of breaking up. He has expressed that the band has been an outlet for the lived pain of assault. The songs on Eyesore provide a platform to speak on life as a survivor, and prevailing in the face of sexual assault. Bandmates SHANNON BOYER, CLARA SALYER and CONOR BURKE provide the guidance and structure for these pivotal narratives with songwriting that recalls Bratmobile, and The Breeders, as well as contemporaries Big Eyes, and Kitten Forever.

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