1000 Hurts

  • 20911
  • CD
  • Release Date: August 8th 2000
  • $16.99

Shellac is back for another aural attack with 1000 Hurts, a more accessible album than previous fare such as At Action Park. Frontman Steve Albini has never sounded looser or more sarcastic than he does on the one-two opening punch of "Prayer to God" and "Squirrel Song"; the former finds the screechy one singing (!) wails of resignation over a punchy backing, while the latter has him sneering "Don't be surprised if I bust out crying" before indulging in some wicked aggro-arena stylings. Cage-rattling aces Todd Trainer and Bob Weston are given gonzo airlift by the big-room sound Albini loves to champion—it's helium light and lead heavy at the same time.