• tg64lp
  • LP
  • Release Date: March 31st 1994
  • $16.99

back in stock, a classic album from 1991. although this kentucky combo had a short lifespan, its influence has been extraordinary, presaging the underground 'math-rock' revolution and spawning spinoffs such as the for carnation and king kong with members playing with palace brothers, tortoise and a multitude more. but don't go thinking that the foursome is a mere footnote: the bracingly dense, dizzyingly complex songs that vein this, their second full-length release, perfectly capture the smarter face of early-'90s thug-rock. yes, slint's sound is descended from punk, but its members - particularly guitarist brian mcmahan - never subscribed to the 'keep it simple, stupid' philosophy. 'spiderland' is so rife with breakneck tempo changes, off-kilter chord progressions, and bizarro-world themes, you'd be hard-pressed to go a listen without discovering something new. an immense album that every home should own. cheap until the 1st april 2005