• SCR 091LP
  • LPx2
  • Release Date: May 6th 2016
  • $19.99

Dead finds the songs from Bristol band Spectres' acclaimed 2015 debut Dying (SCR 090CD/B-LP) remixed by Mogwai, Factory Floor, Hookworms, Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas), Andy Bell (Ride), Robert Hampson (Loop), and many more. The instruction from the band was "kill our songs," and the remains are presented here as a stunning, 13-track album that builds on the original's feeling of claustrophobia and dread — which won praise for its perfectly realized Sonic Youth-meets-A Place To Bury Strangers noise coupled with darker than dark lyrics worthy of Morrissey in his prime — but recasts it across everything from brutal techno (Blood Music's "This Purgatory") to New Order-meets-Animal Collective euphoria (Andy Bell's "Sea Of Trees"). It's an occasionally punishing but always rewarding listen that begins somewhere in the depths of a K-hole, courtesy of Vision Fortune's "Drag," and ends somewhere rather beautiful with the celestial synths of Mogwai's "This Purgatory." (Mogwai's classic Kicking A Dead Pig was a big inspiration here.) "We see Spectres as something that can work in a variety of contexts," says frontman Joe Hatt, as he explains the motivation behind Dead. "Our musical interests spread out in different angles and we are always thinking of ways for what we do to evolve and mutate. We put together a list of artists who we admired, and thought would deliver a varied and eclectic mix. Some were close friends who are conveniently making some of the best music around, and others were pipe dreams that we thought would never happen. It was both nerve-wracking and fun waiting for each of the artists' versions to arrive in our inbox, and some definitely surprised us; but none disappointed." Also includes remixes by Oliver Wilde, Giant Swan, Dominic Mitchison, Gramrcy, and Spectres' Joe Hat