Straight Arrows

On Top!

  • AGIT050X
  • Limited to 100 Copies on Red Vinyl. European Exclusive.
  • Release Date: November 21st 2018
  • $27.99

Overflowing with unbridled energy, you’d be forgiven for thinking On Top! was the band’s debut album, but the third record for the Sydney quartet sounds as vital and as exciting as ever. Having spent years touring their incendiary live show around Australia and the world, Straight Arrows have honed their fresh, reverb-laden, fuzzed out, psychedelic punk sound into pointed perfection with On Top!. From the frantic buzzsaw of Nothing To Me, to the break-beat groove of 21st Century, to the tender outsider folk of Dead Weight, to the mind-melting psych-out that is Buried Again, this is the sound of a band that isn’t short on ideas and isn’t afraid to push the envelope of what people expect a Straight Arrows record to be. The album seems to be more direct than the band’s previous efforts, bringing a clarity to their sound without losing any of the ramshackle charm that has earnt Straight Arrows a worldwide cult following. This aural evolution is something that has happened more by chance than by any conscious choice.

LP+ - Limited to 100 Copies on Red Vinyl. European Exclusive.

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