Liquid Silver Dream

  • ATN 023LP
  • LP
  • Release Date: November 3rd 2015
  • $14.99

A drop of French synth-pop class from Antoine Kogut and Isabelle Maitre's Syracuse duo, given wings by the Paris-based Antinote label.'Vapeurs D'Equator' sets the tone with an elegant touch, all star-dust melodies and latinate electro bass à la Photomachine or Gifted & Blessed, with the added bonus of Isabelle's sexy, submerged vox, which drift in and out focus in the new age disco of 'L'Eau Des Songes' before changing tack to blue R&B with shades of Inga Copeland or Nite Jewel in the gorgeous highlight, 'Love'. Turn it over and 'On Desert Oceans' trades in classic electro-pop romance, Isabella now sounding like a rawer Sade over intricate 808 patterns and acidic spumes, prepping the 'floor for a flush of frothing disco in 'Liquid Silver Dream' and the midnight kiss-off, 'Le Couer En Nautrage'.