The Casual Sexists

What's Wrong With Being Sexy?

  • HZ001CD
  • Includes digital download
  • Release Date: May 4th 2018
  • $3.99

Brooklyn's sexiest synth duo, The Casual Sexists, are back with their very own rite of spring, What's Wrong With Being Sexy? available on CD and Cassette.

A wry commentary on the snaking tendrils of casual sexism endemic to pop culture, What's Wrong With Being Sexy? finds The Casuals' biting pop taking a darker musical turn with a galaxy of clangorous percussion and ketjak chants underpinning Varrick Zed's trademark sprechgesang vocals.

Also present is a deconstructed remix of the title track, plus an exclusive bonus track only available on the physical version of the single, The House Speaks. Recorded by Ed Zed as the soundtrack to a friend's short film about a house that consumes its owner, THS transforms domestic innocuousness into a sustained musical nightmare, which should be listened to right before bed every night forevermore following your purchase of this release.

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