The Casual Sexists

You Can't Make Me

  • HZ002
  • Cassette of the Month December 2018. Limited to 50 copies, handmade artwork.
  • Release Date: December 7th 2018
  • $6.99

New York's pop misfits The Casual Sexists are back to carve up the dancefloor with an ice cold new EP, 'You Can't Make Me'. Available as a limited edition cassette and CD, each with handcrafted artwork.

Includes download. Drawing sonic strength from the wells of techno, dub and post-punk, 'You Can't Make Me' is a hymn to the anxieties of social protocol, delivered in dispassionate tones by vocalist Varrick Zed over an insistent pulse beat whilst staccato sax blasts, claves and bike chains skitter overhead.
The song acts as both an articulation of Varrick's very real social anxiety, and as a statement of defiance against the societal 'norm' of outgoing gregariousness.
From here The Casuals segue into 'Strange Motives', a conga-riddled, Vincent Price-sampling reflection on motives of the ulterior variety, which follows a similar sinuous line of tension ever further into techno-tinged dub territory.
Deep in the heart of this territory we encounter long-time Casuals collaborator DJ Wrongtom, as the legendary London producer pushes his echo unit into overdrive with a spectacular version of the EP's title track, 'You Can't Dub Me', a misleading title if ever there was one.
Bringing things to an exquisite climax, first-time Casuals collaborator Jaclyn Miller (aka Voice Training) zeroes in on a few fragments of 'You Can't Make Me' to conjure up a gorgeously glitchy minimalist reworking.
For the as-yet-unfamiliar, The Casual Sexists began their musical (and marital) life in London before relocating to Varrick’s native NYC, where they make music using a computer, objects littering their apartment, and - as always - the absurdities of humankind.

- Limited Edition Cassette - handcrafted artwork, limited to 50 copies (includes download)

- Limited Edition CD - handcrafted artwork, limited to 20 copies (includes download)

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