The Cradle

The Glare of Success

  • CS-NNA-118
  • Cassette Of The Month May
  • Release Date: April 12th 2019
  • $9.99

Cassette of the Month, May 2019: The Cradle's album, The Glare of Success; Available Here on Cassette.

We are very happy to present The Cradle’s return to NNA Tapes with a brand new album, ‘The Glare Of Success.’ Taking a highly exploratory approach to a follow-up album, New York City-based musician and songwriter Paco Cathcart dissects his 2018 NNA debut full-length ‘Bag Of Holding,’ creatively stripping it’s components apart and collaging them back together into a totally new entity. ‘The Glare Of Success’ pays homage to reggae music and the dub process, producing ten new songs that are literally built from manipulated orchestral and vocal samples from ‘Bag Of Holding.’ Cathcart displays his adaptability by pulling a complete musical 180 that retains the brilliant and imaginative atmosphere The Cradle has cultivated, free from the constraints of style or genre.

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