The Go! Team

Thunder, Lightning, Strike

  • MI 40
  • Cassette Store Day 2018 Release.
  • Release Date: October 12th 2018
  • $10.99

This is a Cassette Store Day 2018 title. It will be available for purchase in store only starting on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 at 11am. Remaining stock will be available for purchase online Monday, October 15th.

The Go! Team burst onto the scene back in 2004 with their debut album Thunder, Lightning, Strike putting the disco in discordant & red limiting all the levels. They scored Pitchfork Best New Music with their debut LP and from a small bedroom concern in Brighton emerged to take on the world. Now lovingly restored to its original glory, Thunder, Lightning, Strike is reissued and on vinyl for the first time since 2005.credits

Featured in: Cassette Store Day - 2018