The National

High Violet

  • CAD-3X03-1
  • Release Date: May 11th 2010
  • $24.99

High Violet is a nervy, melodic, explosive and beautiful set of songs that find The National at the height of their collaborative powers.

High violet is the brooklyn quintet's first full-length release since 2007's acclaimed long-player Boxer and all eleven tracks were recorded in the band's own studio in brooklyn with further recording and mixing at tarquin studios in bridgeport, connecticut with Peter Katis. The music is wide-ranging in its moods, by turns intimate and rough, expansive and spare, full of stark angles and atmosphere. Berninger's singing - wild, half-broken, sly - evokes a feeling of being haunted, by love, by paranoia, by something just out of reach. High Violet may be the national's most thematically twisted record to date but it somehow also manages to be their most infectious and immediate.

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