The September Issues

Issue # 0

  • SEPT0
  • biannual
  • Release Date: May 18th 2018
  • $30.00

The September Issues aims to challenge and redefine women’s publishing. We set ourselves apart from our contemporaries by creating for an audience that is not only interested in fashion, but is politically and socially aware.
The September Issues gives women creatives the opportunity to express themselves freely,explore their identities, and build a community without any constraints—a place where art, beauty, fashion, and topical issues can be discussed from a purely feminine perspective; a community that reflects the diversity and power of global femininity.
We are unique in that this is a biannual magazine made by women. Each issue will donate a portion of its proceeds to an organization which supports women, and for this issue we have chosen Planned Parenthood. Our goal is to make fashion, an industry intrinsically linked with the rights of women, a feminist issue.