The White Stripes

White Blood Cells

  • TMR-033C
  • Release Date: October 19th 2018
  • $7.99

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On age where rock is becoming progressively more slick and studio enhanced, it's quite refreshing to see a band like white stripes come up from the underground and play raw, sloppy, and soulful rock and roll the way it was meant to be played - straight out of the garage. on the stripes' third album 'white blood cells', their songwriting and playing has become more focused and slightly more accessible than on their earlier releases. This is evidenced by such selections as 'the same boys you've always known' and 'we're going to be friends'. but white stripes' earlier direction can still be detected on several cuts, most noticeably on the cut 'now mary.' with the release of 'white blood cells', white stripes are getting closer and closer to perfecting and bringing their modern blues-rock craft and bringing it to the masses.

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