The Young Ones of Guyana

On Tour / Reunion

  • BBE484ACD
  • Release Date: July 12th 2019
  • $14.99

Recorded in London back in 1970, now reissued by BBE Music, On Tour is the debut album by journeyman band The Young Ones Of Guyana. The group gained popularity in Britain through performances in London and Birmingham following the first Guyanese ‘Mashramani’, a celebration of independence from the United Kingdom. We can only assume this album was recorded during that same visit, produced by bandleader Carlton Ramprashad and issued on his own ‘Rampy’ imprint. Aside from the traditional Guyanese folk song ‘Yellow Girl’, the album covers a wide range of popular reggae, latin and calypso songs of the day, deftly performed by a group of talented musicians. Funky interpretations of reggae smash ‘The Liquidator’ and Sly & The Family Stone’s ‘Sing A Simple Song’ have made On Tour a rare and coveted classic for record collectors and DJs worldwide.

The Young Ones Of Guyana was an 8 piece band comprising drums and two percussionists alongside bass, lead guitar, Farfisa organ (played by Geoffrey King), lead vocals and rhythm guitar from founder/leader Ramprashad (apart from ‘That Wonderful Sound, which was voiced by Gordon Bevaun). Recorded at the iconic Lansdowne Studios in Holland Park, On Tour captures a youthful travelling band, carrying the excitement of their nation’s newfound freedom with them as they invited their former colonial rulers to join them in celebration of Guyana’s music and culture.