Thomas Xu

Different Wisdoms

  • $17.99

Steady Flight Circle is what stays in the spirit after any experience, whether good or bad. It is the will and dedication to take what is learned to the next day. Most importantly it operates with purpose, and appreciation for source and being.

Thomas is a producer and DJ based in Highland Park, MI. His dedication to the expansion of sound, rings true through both his productions and his mixes.

On the invocation of music and sound in his life, Xu shares that "Music has always been relevant to me as a means of dealing with the unseen. It has helped me process what I did not understand. For that I felt the need to invest more of myself within it."

In 2017, he released a debut split-EP called "Roots That Talk" with Julion De'Angelo, on Sound Signature. His forthcoming solo EP "Different Wisdoms," will be released on his label, Steady Flight Circle, in 2019.

He has been featured locally at parties like Bridging the Groove, Content: Drum and Dance, and Music Gallery. In addition, Xu hosts the party, Roots That Talk with Julion De'Angelo, that stems from their joint release. Internationally, Xu has performed at the Sound Signature 20th Anniversary party at E1 London, alongside Theo Parrish, Specter, Jay Daniel, and Julion De'Angelo.

Thomas Xu's sets are expansive, and untethered to genre. He offers a well of inspiration and joy through high energy sets that seek to sew connections amongst all kinds of timeless music.