Tokyo Police Club


  • DA222
  • Release Date: November 2nd 2018
  • $12.99

Tokyo Police Club's album TPC. Available here on Limited Edition White Colored Double LP and CD.

They’ve discovered something special with hooks that are stronger than ever. If the universe had tilted the tiniest bit, there would be no TPC—the not-quite self-titled fourth (and best) Tokyo Police Club album. By 2016, singer-bassist and chief songwriter Dave Monks had settled into life in New York City; he made a solo record and did some co-writing. Drummer Greg Alsop was living and working in L.A. Keyboard player Graham Wright and guitarist Josh Hook remained in the band’s native Canada. Tokyo Police Club created songs via e-mail, thinking they had enough natural chemistry and experience to make that setup work. But eventually, the lack of friction meant there was less musical spark, and it dawned on everybody that the end was near. There was resignation, not anger, when Wright, Alsop, and Hook told Monks they were done with the band. They didn’t expect him to disagree… but Monks said this: “Fuck no.”

LPx2+ - Limited Edition White Colored Double LP.

CD - Standard CD.