Tom Paxton

Original Album Series

  • 8122798344
  • CDx5
  • Release Date: January 14th 2014
  • $25.99

In many ways a bridge between the late-'50s generation of folksingers like Dave Van Ronk and the early-'60s version posed by innovative songwriters like Bob Dyan and Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton managed to keep his integrity intact through it all, and if he didn't exactly break new ground anywhere, he has always been a careful and thoughtful songwriter. This set brings all 5 of the studio albums Paxton recorded and released with Elektra Records between 1964 and 1972 (the sixth, New Songs Old Friends, released in 1972, was a retrospective live set), 1964's Ramblin Boy, 1966's Outward Bound, 1968's Morning Again, 1969's the Thing I Notice Now, and 1970's Tom Paxton 6. Bundled together as one outstanding set of recordings at a brilliant price, this becomes the definitive set representing the years in which he wrote and recorded most of the songs on which his legacy rests.