Tom Waits

Glitter and Doom Live

  • 87053-1LP
  • Release Date: December 1st 2017
  • $25.99

Glitter and Doom Live is a collection of outstanding live tracks from his 2008 sold out US and European Tour. This contains 17 live recordings from ten nights along the tour.

Musically, the live discs encapsulate waits in all his chug, boom and steam. his shamanistic vocals, innovative arrangements, visionary lyrics, pounding rhythms and emotional melodies are all here. There are dark swampy tribal rhythms, ominous hymns, and cautionary tales all swirling around waits' unmistakable howl and croon. Glitter and Doom Live has a dead man singing to his widow, a convict's last words, an instructional dance number, lamenting sword swallowers and bragging pirates. all of the tracks were personally selected and sequenced to give you the feeling of one great night on tour.