Tom Waits

Real Gone

  • 87548-1LP
  • Release Date: December 22nd 2017
  • $25.99

8th proper studio album from the gruff-voiced singer/songwriter serves marks a departure from 2002's Alice and Blood Money, with an emphasis on mouth-made percussion.

Avant-garde guitarist Marc Ribot guests for the first time since 1999's Mule Variations, while other notable contributors include Primus' Les Claypool and Brain Manita, and Waits' son Casey. For Real Gone, Waits ditched his trademark piano and most of his rhythm section, opting instead to cough up man-made beats like hairballs and sputter abrasive scats. Waits relishes his vocal tics and impossibly gnarled pipes, shamelessly savoring his homemade racket, building more and more momentum with each new bark.