Various Artists

Slow Grind Fever Volume 7

  • STAGO 107LP
  • LP
  • Release Date: May 24th 2017
  • $17.99

The seventh volume of Slow Grind Fever, the amazing series of slow grinding R&B/soul/exotica tunes as they are played in a club in Melbourne/Australia. "Around midnight on the last Saturday of every month, an assemblage of juiceheads, grifters, kittens, dandies, and derelicts gather in a dimly-lit, smoke-filled room and dance together real slow. These are some of the records they dance to... Thanks to all the flute players and backing singers of yore for flavouring these old records up just like we like them." —Richie1250, Melbourne, 2017. Fourteen songs dating from 1957-1962. Side A compiled by Richie1250; Side B compiled by Pierre Baroni. Liner notes by Richie1250. Features: Bob And Lucille, The Ravons, Kip Tyler, Ferlin Husky, Louis Armstrong, Johnnie Morisette, Jack Hammer, Bing Day, Big Jack, Jack Costanzo, Peggy King, Dr. Horse, Frank Minion, and The Swinging Tigers.