Various Artists

African Scream Contest 2

  • AACD 086CD
  • CD version comes with a 44-page booklet
  • Release Date: June 1st 2018
  • $25.99

African Scream Contest 2 - the new compilation out on Analog Africa. Available on CD and Double LP with bonus 24-page, LP-size booklet.

A new treasure-trove of Vodoun-inspired Afrobeat heavy-funk crossover greatness from Benin, West Africa, every bit as joyous a voyage of discovery as its predecessor was 10 years ago. A great compilation can open the gate to another world. Who knew that some of the most exciting Afro-funk records of all time were actually made in the small West African country of Benin? Once Analog Africa released the first African Scream Contest in 2008, the proof was there for all to hear; gut-busting yelps,
lethally well-drilled horn sections and irresistibly insistent rhythms added up to a record that took you into its own space with the same electrifying sureness as any favourite blues or soul or funk or punk sampler you might care to mention. Ten years on, intrepid crate-digger and Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb unveils a new treasure-trove of Vodoun-inspired Afrobeat heavy funk crossover greatness, featuring 14 tracks from 1963 - 1980. Right from the laceratingly raw guitar fanfare which kicks off Les Sympathics’ pile-driving opener, the previously unreleased A Min We Vo Nou We, it’s clear that African Scream Contest 2 is going to be every bit as joyous a voyage of discovery as its predecessor.

2LP - Double LP Set with a 24-page Booklet with Download.
CD - With 44-Page Booklet.

Featured in: Compilations of the Year - 2018