Swinging Mademoiselles

  • sillp1567
  • Release Date: February 15th 2019
  • $21.99

Long before Britain started swinging in the mid-1960s, France was the bastion for cool European pop sounds. Sultry young French women, heavy on mascara and dreamy innocence, cast a spell with what became known as ‘Les Années Yé Yé’. The Yé Yé girls took a firm grip on American and British pop and gave it a sparkly Gallic twist, resulting in a vibrant sound that has effortlessly stood the test of time. This collection features many rare and sought-after tracks from the languid sound of Jacqueline Taieb’s 7 Heures Du Matin and Katy David’s alluring take on Petula Clark’s standard Call Me to Elizabeth’s precocious Je Suis Sublime.

LP - Neon Pink Vinyl.