Willie Nelson

Phases and Stages

  • ETH7291-LP
  • Release Date: September 28th 2018
  • $16.99

Willie Nelson's Phases and Stages. Available here on LP.

2009 reissue of Willie Nelson's 1974 album, recorded in Muscle Shoals by producer Jerry Wexler. "Nelson met Jerry Wexler at a party where Nelson sang songs from an unreleased album he had recorded in 1972. The single 'Phases and Stages' was originally recorded the same year. Nelson re-recorded the album at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in two days and Wexler produced it.The album became one of the first concept albums in country music. The theme of the songs centers in divorce, narrated from both viewpoints. The one of the woman is narrated on side one; while the man's on side two. The recurrent song 'Phases and Stages' is repeated throughout the album, introducing several other songs."

LP - Standard LP.