Yves Tumor

Safe in the Hands of Love

  • CD-WRP-293
  • Release Date: October 12th 2018
  • $15.99

Rough Trade Albums of the Year 2018 No. 18

Yves Tumor's album Safe in the Hands of Love. Available once more on Limited Edition Double Clear Vinyl in a Gatefold Sleeve.

Knoxville, Tennessee raised Yves Tumor has also released music under the names Bekele Berhanu, Shanti and TEAMS and his real name may or may not be Sean Lee Bowie, Rahel Ali or Shan. He may or may not live in Leipzig, Miami, LA or Berlin. He’s worked with various labels including Dogfood Music Group, PAN and Non. This is his first album on Warp.

Rolling, layered beats shuffle and dance around, stop, start and sway around you with mischievous intent to your ears. Golden honey-toned violins tie the breakbeat-ridden rhythms in knots and flirt with the vocals. Then the songs fold in on themselves and float sideways to a dreamworld of sweet, sweet noise. Pop, but not as you’ve ever known it.

The work of Yves Tumor moves from sultry ambient to future soul, psychedelic pop, and everything in between. His critically acclaimed long-player from 2016, “Serpent Music,” announced his commitment to eclecticism and cemented his position as a major force in contemporary experimental and electronic circles. Now signed to Warp he returns this year with 'Safe In The Hands Of Love'.

LPx2 - Limited Edition Double Clear Vinyl in a Gatefold Sleeve.

CD - Standard CD.

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