• LP-DADA-282
  • Release Date: September 8th 2017
  • $20.99 $15.74

Zomby, one of the UK’s most enigmatic electronic producers, underscores his already illustrious succession of releases with EP Gasp! released on Big Dada. Zomby's ability to effortlessly shift aesthetics across his career has firmly stationed him as a producer that can’t be boxed, and Gasp! sees him altering his often jungle-driven sound yet again, furthering him as a sonic chameleon among an ever-increasing landscape of musical similitude. In his signature spirit of cryptic variety, Gasp! explores another tectonic revision in Zomby’s style. Utilizing analog equipment that was recorded live to a digital surface, he says, “I was tired of too much digitisation and over-saturation; this is a work that represents a shift forward for me.” A shift forward indeed, the compact, 3-track EP is a relentless, hardware-driven behemoth of beats and breaks that fit somewhere between a chugging steel factory and a darkened dancefloor.

Featured in: Summer Sale 2019